Extended tours

If you would like to make an extended tour with a group then you've came to the right place. Our drivers would happily take you to the end of the world while you enjoy all the luxury of our touringcars.

While you enjoy the view, miles and miles pass by without you even noticing it and before you know it, you've already arrived at your destination. Once you're there you can enjoy your vacation, make trips with the touringcar or just visited the best placed your destination has to offer.

If you like to get an offer for your trip just fill in the form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with a suitable offer.

Mercedes-Benz Travego



Mercedes-Benz Travego 

If you would like to travel in all kinds of luxury then this touring car is perfect for you. The travego is fitted with all the luxury you can imagine of a touring car. While one of our skilled drivers drives you to your destination you can relax in our luxury seats while enjoying a movie or cold drink.

The Travego can hold 42 passengers and has enough space to hold all your luggage.

The Mercedes-Benz Travego is fitted with at least:

  • luxury relax seats
  • Mini fridge
  • Airconditioning and heating