Our fleet

If you choose Jonker Travel, you will travel in one of the 20 luxury coaches from our luxury fleet. Our coaches are fully equipped. These are fully equipped with comfortable seats with plenty of legroom, air conditioning and an audio system.

We invest in luxury for our customers. For example, some coaches are equipped with a complete conference table including power supply and of course WIFI is available. Real luxury for you and your company during the journey from A to B.

Jonker Travel has been around for years and in that time has earned its spurs in passenger transport. You can come to us with group transport from 8 persons throughout Europe.

Are you looking for a luxury way of transportation? Then book one of our VIP coaches and enjoy all the luxury we have to offer. Among other things, you will have extra legroom and you will be seated on good quality seats. With good air conditioning and the possibility to charge your phone or tablet you will not lack anything. Of course there is an extensive range of catering. Request a quote or contact us to discuss all the possibilities.

Our VIP coaches are ideal for:

  • large groups who want to travel in a luxurious way
  • transport of business partners
  • meeting on the road, so you don’t lose valuable time
  • carefree travel.

We can arrange transport for every group of travelers, for families, friends, associations, schools, companies, you name it. From an airport transfer, day trip or a multi-day trip. For a few people or buses full. You tell us what you want and we will arrange it. Where do you want to go?

Request a quote or contact us to discuss all the possibilities.

Would you like to travel with your group during a party or event, then you have come to the right place at Jonker Travel. With more than 50 years of experience in transporting groups, you are assured that the trip will go according to your wishes, in our modern coaches. Our experienced drivers deliver you and your group a journey that will be talked about for a long time to come.

We have a large number of different coaches at our disposal, so that we can always be of service to you based on your group and budget. At Jonker Travel you can also opt for extra services, such as catering or hostess. Indicate this on the quotation form, after which one of our contacts will discuss your preferences and wishes with you. Your tailor-made festive journey!

We do business every day and this must be done with the utmost efficiency. When traveling between locations, Jonker Travel can arrange this for you, so that you can have a meeting while on the road in our V.I.P. coaches. Displays for a presentation are present in each vehicle, as well as comfortable seats and a kitchen for extra delicacies on the go.

Of course there is an extensive range of catering. Request a quote or contact us to discuss all the possibilities.

Every day we transport groups of people all over Europe. Our close-knit team takes care of your journey down to the last detail. Thanks to our many years of experience, we offer the service you desire while travelling.

In addition to our luxuriously equipped fleet, we have drivers at our disposal who are in possession of all the necessary certificates. In this way we guarantee your safety on the road. Our drivers follow internal training, so their knowledge is always up to date. Travelling with Jonker Travel makes you feel safe!

When you choose to travel with Jonker Travel, you choose the most environmentally friendly form of passenger transport. After all, a coach replaces many cars and is much more economical than an airplane. In this way, you also contribute to the environment.

Request a quote from us and experience our excellent service.